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We offer a service called Pay Per Call TV advertising or Per Inquiry Television Advertising. If you are doing any kind of direct response or lead generation advertising, but have been afraid of the risk of TV advertising, this could be the solution for you. We generate leads from television ads, rather than buy TV ad space.

If you were unaware that this was an option, most people are. It's not like networks are broadcasting that they do remnant advertising. Actually most stations don't. And they definitely only work with a small number of direct response TV agencies rather than working with individual companies or offers. We work with 100s of companies just like yours running these type of campaigns and can set you up for success!

We are turn-key and do everything to get you leads:

  • Write and produce your commercials
  • Provide the phone numbers
  • Set up the call center and tracking

You take the lead! It is very easy and it works! Request information on TV Lead Generation today.

Now you can get Free Media and Guaranteed Calls from TV and Satellite Television. There is no risk to you. You can get hundreds to thousands of calls per month. The model is scalable.

Contact us for a FREE no Obligation Consultation now, 800.608.1685.

You will receive a prompt response about generating leads on TV

I was able to start slow and buy TV that worked for me. I didnt have to waste thousands of dollars trying to find something that works.
Robert E.
After buying local and remnant media for years, I found a TV advertising solution that is cost effective and rings my tellephone
Lily C.
I cant believe how easy it was. I had a professional sounding spot within a week and was generating leads a lot faster than I could have ever anticipated
Deanna I.

We can also help if you are looking to purchase remnant TV advertising or satellite Television advertising at highly discounted rates.


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